How to install package forcefully in Linux

Install package forcefully in Linux

Before install package forcefully, first understand a situation where we need this force option.

Let me corrupt one command and show you how to install it’s package forcefully.

  • First check the package of the command we are going to corrupt. Let say mount command.

# which mount      (To see use of which command click here)

# rpm -qf /bin/mount


Okey, so we know the package of mount let’s copy other commands content over mount command. Let copy date commands contents over mount command.

#cp /bin/date /bin/mount


Now when you run mount command it will show Date, that means it is corrupted.


So to fix the mount command we need to reinstall it’s package, let’s install the package and check whether mount command is fixed or not. Move to the folder where you kept the package and install it.

#rpm -ivh util-linux-ng…


It says the package already install, check by using mount command whether it is working fine.


opps…! It isn’t fixed yet, now in such to force the installation to be done, the syntax is

#rpm -ivh <package name> — force

#rpm -ivh util-linux-ng…


Okay then we have not only installed package successfully but we have also fixed the command. Congratulations.

Now we run the mount command check output.


This is step by step solution of install package forcefully.

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