Linux File System Hierarchical Structure

Linux File System Hierarchical Structure in Linux

A Linux file system is a logical collection of files on a partition or disk. or Unix uses a hierarchical file system structure. A partition is a container
for information and can span an entire hard drive if desired. Your hard drive
can have various partitions which usually contains only one file system, such
as one linux file system housing the / file system or another containing the /home
file system.
One file system per partition allows for the logical maintenance
and management of differing linux file systems. All of the files in the UNIX file
system are organized into a multi-leveled hierarchy called a directory tree. Everything
in Unix is considered to be a file, including physical devices such as
DVD-ROMs, USB devices, floppy drives, and so forth.
A typical Unix file system might look like The location of a file in the file system is called its path .
A file or directory (a container for one or more files) in the file system can be referenced by
either its absolute or relative pathname.
The absolute pathname is the path to a file or directory starting at the root directory (/).
linux file system
  • A family tree is an example of a hierarchical structure that represents how the UNIX file system is
    organized. The linux file system might also be envisioned as an inverted tree or
    the root system of plant.


  • The number of levels is
    largely arbitrary, although most UNIX systems share some organizational
    similarities. The “standard” UNIX file system is discussed later.


  • At the very top of the
    file system is single directory called “root” which is represented by
    a / (slash). All other files are “descendents” of root.


               / (root)
      |         |         |
    /bin      /usr
|        |                                        |
       /public  /misc
        |                  |                                       |     
|         |      |     |
|       |
|      |      |
  /doc    /software    /shri /maya /babs /sonu   /raj
/ram  /sunil  /kiran


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